Monday Roundup: Autism Marker in Infants, Braille Texting, and a Special Needs Choir

Here are some interesting stories from the past few days.  An extra bonus:  it’s all good news!

From TIME- Brain Imaging Could Detect Autism Risk in Infants as Young as Six Months 

A brain imaging study of infants at high risk for autism showed that the brain scans of six-month-old babies who went on to be diagnosed with the disorder differed from those of babies who did not develop autism.  Reporter Alice Park interviews Geraldine Dawson, co-author of the study and chief science officer at Autism Speaks, as part of the report.

From BBC News- App Helps Blind to Send Text Messages

Researchers from Georgia Tech have developed an app to allow people to text using a method based on Braille.  It will be free and available for use on Apple and Android phones.  

From the NYTimes- A Musical Exchange in Venezuela: El Sistema Performs for the Las Angeles Philharmonic

Daniel J. Wakin of the ArtsBeat blog reports on the LA Philharmonic’s recent trip to Venezuela, which involved a performance by The White Hand choir.  The choir is composed of young people with special needs, some of whom gesture in the place of singing.  

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